Typhaine is from France and is currently living in Montreal, Canada.

She studied illustration and mathematics.


2019 Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards, (Conceptual Illustration Category)

2019 Communication Arts Illustration Competition, Shortlisted (Advertising Category)

Creative Quarterly 54, runner up category "Illustration: Professional"

Creative Quarterly 53, runner up category "Illustration: Professional"

Creative Quarterly 51, winner category "Illustration: Professional"

3x3 Directory 2017, 2018

Winner of the Illustration Young AACE Awards 2015

Applied Arts 2014, Young Blood Illustration category


"Little Red Riding Hood", Chinese Publisher (IlluSalon)

"Il était une voix", Andrée Gendron, Carte Blanche

"Little Red Boubou", children's ebook


Collective exhibition on the theme of the Seven deadly sins, for the 30th anniversary of "Illustration Québec",
Maison de la Culture Mont-Royal